Organic Cotton

Many people consider cotton to be one of the purest fibres on earth. In fact, traditional chemical cotton cultivation inflicts a heavy toll on the environment. Good news is there are now some 50 countries commercially farming cotton organically including India, Turkey, The USA, Australia, Peru and China amongst others.

Organic farming means using ancient cotton farming knowledge combined with modern technology to create a sustainable and healthy crop. Farmers replace chemical use with methods approved by organic certifying bodies such as SKAL (Holland), BFA Australia, AGRECO (Germany) & IMO China. These certified methods minimise the impact on the soil and water supplies and preserve the Earth for future generations.

These methods include things like:

  • Eliminating the use of synthetic fertilizers and using animal manures instead
  • Eliminating the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides from every step of the farming process and using cow urine as an insecticide which is harmless to the environment.
  • Hand weeding
  • Introducing good bugs to eat up the bad ones
  • Organic cotton farming uses 50% less water than chemical farming
  • Allowing the plant to defoliate naturally whilst the farmers have a holiday instead of using nasty chemical defoliants
  • Letting the soil recover naturally after harvest

Certification & Fairtrade Information

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